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Cooper Re-Signs in Dallas

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

The Dallas Cowboys have re-signed star receiver Amari Cooper to a five-year, $100 million contract with Cooper receiving $60 million in guarantees. His deal places him second amongst wide receivers in annual value and fourth in guarantees. The 4-time Pro Bowler finished the 2019 season with 79 catches 1189 yards and 8 Touchdowns making him Dallas’ number one receiving threat. The deal was always likely to get done as Dallas had parted with their 2019 First-round pick in order to get the stud receiver in 2018. Since then Amari leads the team in catches, yards and touchdowns providing Dak Prescott with a top receiver.

However, despite Coopers 1189 yards, 8 touchdowns I do not think the deal was a good one. Cooper was incredibly inconsistent throughout 2019 and had 7 games in which he had less than 50 receiving yards. He was embarrassingly locked down by Stephon Gilmore in week 12 when he caught no balls. He was also shutdown in week 15 and 16 against the Rams and Eagles. He was held to 1 catch on 2 targets for 19 yards and 4 catches on 12 targets for 24 yards, respectively. Ultimately Cooper did not turn up when his team needed him most with Dallas’ season on the line. Further, he started against the Cowboys embarrassing 24-22 loss at the New York Jets but pulled himself out early. While this could have been a legitimate injury, Coopers track record does not favour him. In 2019 Cooper caught 52 balls for 869 yards at Home but a mere 27 balls for 320 away. Cooper had 14 20- yard plus and 5 40-yard plus catches at home whereas he had 3 20-yard plus and 1 40-yard plus catches away. Amari has proven over the course of the 2019 season that he does not turn up at away games and given that he cannot be regarded in my opinion as an elite or true number one receiver despite being potentially the best route runner in the NFL.

Despite my concerns with the deal Cooper can easily turn this deal to be a great one in my view, simply by performing consistently. Had he performed the same away as he did at home, he would have racked up 104 catches, led the league with 1738 yards and scored 10 touchdowns. A season like this would cement Amari as at least a top 5 receiver pushing at top 3 with Hopkins, Julio and Thomas, and warrant being paid as a top 2 receiver.

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