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Is Josh Rosen's career over?

The San Francisco 49ers picked up Josh Rosen off the Tampa Bay Buccaneers practice squad in Week 16, sparking a potential career revival for the 10th overall pick in 2018. The 49ers were in need of quarterback depth after it was announced Garoppolo was unlikely to play again this season as well as Mullens being out with injury also, and out of the available quarterbacks Rosen was the best available.

Both Head Coach Kyle Shanahan and General Manager John Lynch have spoken on the addition mentioning both Rosen’s ability and intelligence. However, the likely hood is that we won’t see Rosen suit up for San Francisco this season due to the limited time in the system compared to rival quarterback C.J. Beathard. Nonetheless, if Rosen shows in practice that he has some potential as either a future starter or back up, we could see him re-sign in San Francisco this offseason.

Although Rosen’s future now has a potential spark, his career up to this point has fallen far short of both Rosen and draft analysts’ expectations. It was Rosen who stated on the night of the 2018 draft that there were “nine mistakes made” ahead of him, but of the five first round quarterbacks taken, Rosen has been by far the worst.

Rosen’s career up to this point:

UCLA – 2015 to 2017

30 games, 60.9%, 9,341 yards, 59 TDs, 26 INTs, 140.1 Rating

Arizona - 2018

10th overall pick

3-11, 11 TDs to 14 INTs, 55.2%, 66.7 NFL Quarterback Rating, 24.7 QBR, 49.1 PFF Rating

Miami - 2019

Traded for a 2nd round and 5th round

Played 6, Started 3 games, 0-3 in total.

1 TD, 5 INTs, 53.2%, 52 NFL Quarterback Rating, 20.7 QBR, 46 PFF Rating

Buccaneers - 2020

Practice squad

49ers – 2020

Practice squad

Whilst Rosen’s career and performances do suggest he is a terrible quarterback, it is also fair to say not many young quarterbacks could have been in worse situations. In both Arizona and Miami, Rosen played behind two of the worst offensive lines in football:

2018 Arizona – 14 games, 13 started

Sacked 45 Times (7th Worst in NFL)

2.3 Seconds in Pocket on Average (4th Worst in NFL)

Blitzed 106 Times (27th most times in the NFL)

Pressured 27% of the times (9th Worst in NFL)

PFF ranked the Offensive Line worst in the NFL

2019 Miami – 6 games, 3 started

Sacked 16 Times

2.4 Seconds in Pocket on Average (8th Worst in NFL)

Blitzed 28 Times

Pressured 36.7% of the times (Worst in NFL)

PFF ranked the Offensive Line worst in the NFL

Further, as well as having shocking protection Rosen had very limiting weapons in Arizona, as his best receiver was a past his prime Larry Fitzgerald, and in Miami while his best receiver was DeVante Parker, the rest of the receiving core lacked much to be desired.

Additionally, both Arizona and Miami’s defense couldn’t stop a cold with the Cardinals ranking 19th in yards allowed per game and the Dolphins ranking 30th. Furthermore, there was also the question in early 2019 whether the 2019 Miami Dolphins were the worst team ever.

Who will take a chance on him?

Rosen was clearly talented coming out of college, and you don’t simply lose that ability. Rosen’s confidence is evidently a shell of what it was, and he needs developing, so wherever he goes its almost certain he will be a backup.

Personally, I like the fit in Green Bay an awful lot, even with Jordan Love there. Rosen and Rodgers have very similar personalities and clicked very well during the 2018 draft process, forming a friendship. Hence, under Rodgers tutelage maybe Rosen could develop into the quarterback scouts saw him to become.

Other than Green Bay, destinations such as remaining in San Francisco, developing under Big Ben or taking the Chicago back up job are all great opportunities for Rosen. However, such positions will not be gifted to him, as many teams look for more sure fire veteran quarterbacks as their back up instead of a young quarterback whom many regard a bust.

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